Why Diamonds are used as Engagement Rings

Many times you must have wondered why engagement rings are diamonds. Well, the answer is pretty simple. A brilliant marketing strategy of De Beers Consolidated Mines, Ltd. Who came together and built an empire with diamonds.

They had flashed the newspapers and across America of superstars wearing diamond rings as engagement rings and within 3-year time, the sales increased by 50%. Must say, a brilliant marketing strategy for the modern times.

‘A Diamond is forever’ was the famous slogan by De Beers in 1947 which skyrocketed the sales even further. It implied that marriage is forever in the American culture. A diamond’s sparkle and depth has now become a symbol of a man’s love to his women across the globe.

The Round Brilliant is considered to be the most brilliant cut in the diamonds having 58 facets that divide the stone into a top and bottom half. Some other few cuts include princess cut, emerald cut, oval cut and cushion cut.

What people used before Diamonds?

Can you imagine wearing an Iron Ring for engagement?? Well, yea that was the beginning of engagement rings. Followed by gold and thimbles as a sign of engagement. As far as thimbles go, they would cut the end of it after the wedding and wear it as their wedding ring.

How to choose an engagement ring? 

At Jewelebration, we have all kinds of cuts and designs available for you. IF you have any special requirements, we can get it custom build for you. A small Tip: Choose a diamond ring as per your lady’s personality.

Outgoing and Glamourous Women – Halo settings diamonds ring will be best suited for this lady. Connect with us to know more.

Nature Lover and down to earth Women – Consider a ring with elements like leaves, flowers and a diamond at the center which is protected by these elements.

Contemporary Women–  Consider some sculptural designs for this beauty. She will love our modern collection.

Choose a metal to place the ring. Observe what kind of jewellery she wears often. Does she wear a lot of gold, platinum or palladium? Choose according to hear choice.

IF you are still unsure, choose between gold or palladium. These two are the most popular choice for an engagement ring.

Lastly, know your lady’s ring size. If you don’t want to ask directly, borrow one of her existing rings or take help from family and friends or best friend for the rescue.


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