If you Think Jewellery is just an Accessory, Think Twice!

Women’s best friend: A Diamond Jewellery

After a million Earth years, thousands of years of humankind and a few thousand years of civilization as we know it, one thing that has always been a part of the evolution is jewellery.

Right from the beginning when mankind wore jewellery made of fish-bones and feathers for sense of pride, ornaments as status symbol in the medieval times to now when jewelry is a fashion accessory, these embellishments have always adorned our ladies (and men, medievally speaking) though what they stand for has been revolutionized over times.


Though jewelry cannot be claimed only as a woman’s treasure, especially since we Indians have heard stories of Kings and Emperors wearing adornments of all kinds, a jewelry piece worn by a woman does not only stand for her status but it brings out the beauty of femininity and becomes her. That is why over time the use of jewelry by men has somehow decreased and women came upon the possession of it. Is it the jewelry that adds beauty to a woman or is it the woman who wears the jewelry that brings out the beauty in it, is a time tested question.

The craze for jewelry is incessant and it is imperative that we buy these embellishments only from a trustworthy seller. The need to check the legitimacy of our priceless beauty companions cannot be stressed more.

With a rise in female professionals in organizations, the craze for jewelry is albeit less amongst working women as some feel jewelry is too gaudy for a work environment. Why should a working woman compromise her love for jewelry? Can she wear jewelry that accentuates her beauty and does not make her look unprofessional?

The answer is yes, ladies!

There is more good news. You can sit at home sipping your coffee  or  you can be taking a break at our workplace  while you shop and browse for your jewelry, and not worry about finding the right embellishment or other matters concerning jewelry shopping.

Jewelebration brings you the complete pleasure of jewelry shopping right on your screen along with some exciting shopping features.Golden

Jewelebration has a choosy and Hallmarked collection of jewelry for modern women like you that can go with anything in your wardrobe, especially your formals and casuals.

The especial White and Rose collection has some exquisite editions. If you are looking for an elegant set of diamond pendants with matching diamond earrings you can go for Aukai, Bindu, Kirtida, Mirari, Amel, Deice, Dax, Grirkarna, Grishti, Pilu, Priti, Rati, Sayer, Sandhi, Rina and Shuchi. Each one of them differently cut and imbued with elegance.

There are exclusive diamond pendant editions like L’amour, Hugs and Kisses, Lupine and many more.

Apart from the usual rings, Jewelebration showcases bands (or band rings) that are best suited for a light dresser. What’s more there are bands exclusively for formal wear and party wear, and some bands that can pass for both.

You can also surprise your better half with a matching men’s band and men’s ring as a mark of special bond that you two share as a couple!

So go ahead and clear some space in your cupboard because these timeless treasures are sure to entice you and claim you as theirs forever!

Shop now at jewelebration.com or call us at +91 8583 996 996


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