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Quick Jewellery Guide on Diamond Earrings to Suit Your Face Shape

The ultimate accessory to flatter your face is of course, a pair of stunning diamond earrings!  But before you pick out a pretty pair of diamond earrings for yourself or select it as a gift for a loved one, there are a few things you need to keep in mind – most importantly – the style of the earring, the shape and how it will look on a particular face type. If you follow through this stage of selection properly then there’s nothing to stop you from accentuating your most positive features with the perfect pair of diamond earrings suited to your face shape.


Here you go!

Round face:  If the widest point of your face is your cheek section and if your face doesn’t taper naturally down to the chin then you have a round face. The types of earrings you should consider are long danglers, elongated teardrop, chain-type earring with a diamond bauble at the end, or a cascade of diamonds. To accentuate the length of your face you could also try angular earrings or narrow chandeliers.  Avoid circular or round-shaped earrings as they will not flatter your face structure.

Heart face: If you have a narrow chin that graduates into a wide cheek bone and wider still forehead then yours could be identified as a heart-shaped face. Lay emphasis on your cheekbones with long diamond earrings that have sharp curvy elements. Chandelier earrings in intricate patterns and long teardrop diamonds can soften your pointy chin.

Narrow face: You have a narrow face-type if your jaw, forehead and cheeks more or less fall within the same width.  Diamond earrings that will enhance your beauty would mostly be studs – ‘button’ type diamond set earrings, pear studs, diamond clusters and so on. You don’t need to skip longer earrings altogether but remember to select pieces that have a circular shape or roundish element in it, this will help soften your angular look and flatter your cheeks.

Square face: If the length of your jawline and cheekbones are equal then your face shape would fall into the square category. Go crazy wearing dramatic large diamond crusted hoop earrings, round clusters or danglers, circular or cascading chandeliers or any other circular forms. Steer clear of diamond or square earrings as they will only add width to your face.

Diamond face: This type of face can be easily recognised with its narrower chin and forehead with more prominent cheekbones. Just like those with heart-shaped face, longer teardrop diamonds, chandeliers, and long danglers that have a curvy shape will work well.

Oval face: If you have this face type then you’re one lucky girl! Almost all styles of diamond earrings will suit your face and enhance your look. Long teardrop diamond earrings, hoops, chand baalis, diamond studs, cascading earrings… just about any type is yours to experiment and play around with.jewel2

Keep the above pointers in mind and selecting the most flattering pair of diamond earrings would be as easy as a walk in the park!

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