Accessorize Your Jewellery Like A Pro

Styling your outfits with ease and accessorizing your look just right can be easily achieved if you follow a few key principles. There is no dearth of different varieties of jewelry in online as well as brick and mortar stores. Online stores make it even easier to browse through a vast collection, compare costs, styles and be in touch with the latest trends. This also makes it easy to find the right pieces to include in your jewelry wardrobe and match them to your existing outfits.

These 5 tips will help you accessorize with ease:

#1 Every accessory you wear should add some value to your outfit. The most common mistakes people make are over-accessorizing and under-accessorizing. The trick is to take a closer look once you’re all dressed and see if you’re wearing too much jewelry or too little. Sometimes an outfit doesn’t require too many jewelry embellishments, as it stands out in itself. Just one statement piece will do the trick, or a simple pendant and pair of studs may be all that is needed. Other times, you may need to up the accessory factor to really complete your look.


#2 Your accessories should complement your best features and body structure. Always remember, the main idea of accessorizing right is to keep the focus on ‘you’ and not what you’re wearing. Certain types of clothing, patterns, cuts and even jewelry will draw the attention of the beholder to a particular area of your body. Here’s where the key role of jewelry comes to play. The length of your necklace will determine how slender and long your neck would look. Even seen people with layers and layers of chains and large pendants that could totally overpower the color or print of their dress? You want to bear in mind to balance out the jewelry – wear chunkier, larger earrings with simpler cuts and plainer outfits, while more ornate outfits would look better in you with sleek accessories. A bold, broad bracelet would look great with tops or dresses that reveal the arms, while sleeker styles will suit floral prints and geometric designs.

#3 Complement your skin tone. Your natural skin tone should be illuminated and not subdued with jewelry, gemstones and accessories. Fine jewelry is available in a variety of metals including gold, silver, white gold, rose gold, platinum and so on. Diamonds, pearls, colored gemstones, turquoise, rubies, emeralds, garnet, sapphire, and many other stones are also available for selection based on your skin tone. Gold jewelry looks great on the Indian skin tone and diamond flatters almost all tones. The trick is to pick the right shades of jewelry. While someone may look great in shiny gold hues, others may find that matte finishes suit them better.jewel10

#4 Accesorize according to the occasion. Nowadays when it comes to work wear and jewelry, people are more relaxed and accommodating in their styles. Semi-formal looks look nice even with long earrings, large studs, chain bracelets and layered chains. Consider wearing non-distracting jewelry while attending meetings and conferences. You can definitely mix and match according to the vibe of your outfit as long as it complements your whole look. Experiment and figure out what style you’re most comfortable with but keep in mind the dynamics of your situation and occasion.

#5 Choose versatile, neutral pieces for your wardrobe. Wearing matching jewelry in same colors as your outfit is totally passé. You can own a few neutral but elegant pieces of jewelry that go well with all your outfits rather than having one fixed for each type in the same hues or patterns. Such ‘matching’ pieces of jewelry also end up getting piled up and work only when you can match them to something. This is not at all wise or versatile. Try and avoid this, instead pick up a few statement pieces and neutral fine jewelry that actually add value to you as a person and also to your entire look.


If you use jewelry as a tool to up the oomph factor of your outfit there’s no stopping you from becoming a pro at accessorizing stylishly. Shop for versatile, trendy fine jewelry pieces at and ignite your personal style.



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