Carrying Jewelry for Vacation Will Never Be A Task Again!

What Jewelry To Carry While On A Vacation

Holiday season is here, a popular time for vacations and trips. Traveling entails packing, and this could be a real ordeal for most people. Whether you’re traveling with a lot of stuff or you’re a light traveler, jewelry is something you just can’t leave behind. We’re here to share some tips and ideas about what jewelry to carry while traveling, and what not to. Plan ahead and avoid last minute anxiety.

What to carry and what to leave behind?

Traveling should always be fun and stress-free. A vacation likewise, is about taking time off from your day to day mundane life, enjoying some leisure activities and being carefree. Keeping this important aspect of vacationing in mind, try not to carry anything very valuable. If you’re going to miserable if a particular item gets lost or is stolen, don’t carry it along. This holds good for jewelry too. If it’s high on monetary or sentimental value, it’s best to leave it at home. This is unless of course it can’t be done without on a special occasion or function.

What you should however carry are some inexpensive basic jewelry items that could be mixed and matched with a number of outfits. Accessorizing can be so much fun especially when you’re out having fun on a holiday. Carry small studs, silver hoops, a small gold pendant and maybe a bracelet too. Throw in a statement piece that could be worn to a party or fancy dinner.


Is it okay to leave behind your expensive engagement ring or wedding band?

It absolutely is, unless of course you’re too sentimental about parting with it even for a few days. We’re bringing up this point because many of you might own a pretty expensive diamond engagement ring or flashy wedding ring and these jewelry pieces are more than just an accessory. If you’re wedding band or engagement ring is more subtle then it’s okay to wear it on a holiday. The entire idea is for you not to worry about losing or caring too much for your precious jewelry if you’re on a trip that involves a lot of outdoor activities, hiking, water sports and so on. Once you lose it in this circumstance it could be next to impossible to get it back. If, however, you are going to travel with expensive or precious fine jewelry anyhow then this would be the right time to get them insured.


Use a jewelry organizer or case to carry your jewelry without them getting scratched, tangled or misplaced. We shall talk about how to carry and store jewelry while traveling in more details in another. Till then, remember, travel is one of the best things money can buy – other than diamonds! So travel light and make memories to cherish your entire life!

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