Let Gold Jewelry Flatter Your Sense of Style!

Wearing gold jewelry has its own set of guidelines if want to actually let it complement your look, make you stand out, yet be subtle and soft rather than loud and garish. Choosing the right pieces to go with your attire is crucial and knowing how much or little jewelry to wear is also a factor to consider.


Tone it down

Too many pieces will look cluttered, not allowing any of the pieces to be accentuated. Soften your look by wearing just a few pieces of jewelry, this way the best piece will actually look enhanced. Also, try not to wear clothes with too many patterns, designs or a scarf if you’re wearing a statement piece of jewelry around your neck. The simpler the background, the better will your jewelry stand out.

Experiment with hues

Yellow gold isn’t the only shade of gold jewelry that’s out there. There are plenty of options that you could experiment with to let things get more fun and interesting. Look around and you’ll find dull finish gold jewelry, matte gold, vintage gold jewelry, rose gold, white gold and the unusual shade of green gold as well. You’ll find single pieces of jewelry with multiple shades of gold too.  Don’t get too predictable by wearing just one type of gold jewelry, go in for any of these varieties and make a statement.

Create an impact

If you’re not a fan of donning too many pieces of jewelry you don’t have to do so to create an impression. You could just pick one piece and either go bold or go simple. The idea is to make a statement and be impactful with what you choose. A chunky ring as well as a sleek diamond set in gold ring, are both good choices to wear for work or an evening out. Vintage brooches go well with a sari or even a long gown. Wear a turtle neck with a layered gold chain or a pair of gold studs. This way you ensure that the focus is on that one special piece of jewelry you’ve chosen to wear.


Don’t hesitate to mix and match

Nowadays, mixing and matching clothes, jewelry and accessories are all the rage. Wearing a gold pair of earrings with a silver chain is not a fashion faux pas at all! Platinum and gold also go well together provided the pieces chosen complement each other and are not too contrasted in design. Put together a well-balanced look by carefully choosing a vintage piece to match with more contemporary outfits, or sleek, geometric patterned gold jewelry with ethnic attire.

To conclude, what matters most is that you should love what you wear and feel beautiful, confident and comfortable in it. Gold isn’t a metal that will ever go out of style and is always the top choice for all women, be it for daily wear, for work, for a special occasion or big event. Let the warm, soft glow of gold jewelry from www.jewelebration.com embrace you and bring out the best in you. Pick out your favorites from a vast selection of gold jewelry from this exciting online store and you’ll never want to shop for jewelry anywhere else ever again!

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