Winter Jewellery Trends, What’s In?

Women probably love jewellery more than anything in this world. Well, that might be overreaching a bit. But truly, the more jewellery the better, there is no such thing as enough jewellery.  Summer months are easier for you to show off your large collection of jewellery, when you usually wear light clothing. However winters come with a challenge. Has the thought ever crossed your mind, how to make the best use of jewellery while wearing warm sweaters and coats? Here are a few tips.

Go bold or go home

While picking winter jewellery always keep in mind that the jewellery should be attention-grabbing and not something that is going to get lost in the many layers of warm clothes. Jewellery made with a combination of metals along and in different colours gives a bold look to your outfit. Make sure that your winter collection has a number of statement necklaces, big gem stone rings, pretty gold earrings and bracelets.


Edgy is cool

One of the basic rule of winter jewellery, the bigger the piece of jewellery the more stylish it’s going to make you look. If you are planning to wear a casual outfit that has a collar team it up with either a layered necklace or edgy choker just to bring that hint of glamour to a casual look.

Studs, cuffs and ethnic are in

If you are planning on wearing on a turtle neck or just a sweater team that up with tiny stud earrings along with a statement ring. Also if the sleeves are tight on the sweater it’s better you lose the ring and put on some bold cuffs. Ethnic style jewellery always is always the best with any style of knitwear.

Brooch it up

Brooches are always going to be your best friend if you are planning to spend the entire day is a warm outer garment. A nice bright luxurious brooch will bring life to your outfit on a dull and cold winter day. Pin it onto your pullover,  on your jacket or even to keep a shawl or stole in place.

Bright and beautiful

If you are looking to go out there and make a fashion statement this winter then a bright necklace, a gold chain with a big pendant or sparkly diamond danglers are the perfect choice with simple ethnic office wear teamed with a cardigan and stole, with a pant suit and blazer, or even with a sari and a trench coat! Don’t be afraid to try out these looks.


Make sure that on any given day you do not pick more than two statement pieces to go with a single outfit. Also remember statement earrings, massive bright necklaces, bracelets and luxurious brooches are going to be your best friends during this winter season and help you brighten up even the dullest of cold winter days. Visit us at for an eclectic choice of jewellery pieces you won’t find in any other store!

Stay warm and shine bright!


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