Let’s Celebrate Emotions, Not Just Occasions!

“Life is a journey” – must be the most cliche line we have always told ourselves and everyone around us.

In the rush of things, it sometimes hits us suddenly and unexpectedly – how have we already reached the end of 2017?! Didn’t we JUST start? Wait, did 11 months lapsed just like that?

Then we start introspecting and looking back at all good and bad times, the various ups and downs that came our way and probably try to sum it all up through Facebook videos or photo collages. We try to remember the important dates of the year and how we spent them. Little realizing that, every other day of the year had a hidden teaching. Every other day gave us reasons to learn from our little failures, and so much more to be extremely grateful for.


The day of the year when you finally landed that dream job offer, the day of the year when a loved one returned safe and sound from the hospital. The day your car just about got saved from an incredible damage, the day your child drew his/her first proper sketch, the day your child gave you a hug back when realizing how painful being away from you is, and so so many more!

Your first walk in the park with a special someone, your first successful baking session session, your first big sale as a new business, your first life saving surgery as a doctor – all these and so many moments are worth commemorating. So why do we only wait for special occasions to celebrate? All these emotions that once brought a happy tear or an uncontrollable smile matter because, they are the ones which make this life worth living and be grateful for everything we have today.

We at Jewelebration want to celebrate every emotion to slow down the pace of life, just a little bit more, and be full of gratitude for what we have. Write to us at info@jewelebration.com with your most memorable moment this year that you will be ever grateful for – and we would love to share your story on our page.

Visit: http://www.jewelebration.com


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