Accessories for Everyday Use That Look Absolutely Smashing!

Jewelry is often perceived as a high maintenance item. Woman often skip wearing the best of their collection in the fear of losing it, damaging it and/or losing its shine.

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We’re here to tell you that if you love accessorizing everyday, here are the kind of jewelry you should start wearing to avoid damage and experience hassle free maintenance.

  1. Stud Earrings: Usually, dangling earrings with constant wear and tear tend to attract chances of damage much faster than small, cute studs. You can easily take them off and there is much less probability of wear and tear. Moreover if you buy a variety of 4-5 of these, you can keep changing them every 2 days! If you prefer danglers, try smaller ones with one joint element.
  2. Rings: In case of rings, you can choose between simple bond rings, or rings with less amount of stones, just for a sparkle. If you like stones, try choosing rings with smaller diamonds. These tend to suffer from stone surface damage less as well.
  3. Pendants: Pendants are a pretty safe choice since they are around your neck which is relatively a more secure place from damage. However for everyday convenience, smaller sizes with more focus on one stone looks dressy and is less troublesome during the day. Moreover, pendants with a greater surface height tends to show through clothing material in you wish to put it inside the collar.
  4. Anklets: This is again, a really good choice to spice up your foot style. People usually never wear anklets made of real stones for everyday use, so you’re safe from the fear of damage to a precious item! When buying anklets, always ensure quality and strength because your feet experience the most amount of movement.
  5. Bracelets: In case you don’t like keeping your wrist empty, bracelets become the first choice and is a much, much chic choice over bangles. With bracelets, you can wear the same one with formals as well as a casual outing after work.

How do we keep them clean? In order to keep your jewelry shining, you don’t need to run to a store for cleaning. We’re here to provide a very simple hack! Take an ordinary mug, fill it with warm (not boiling hot) water and mix it with a fair amount of regular detergent. After soaking the jewelry for about 20 mins, take an old brush, and gently but firmly scrub the jewelry, especially trying to reach the gaps between the stones, if any – you’ll see the difference in a jiffy. Dry them with a towel and voila! They’ll look as good as new.


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