The Party Season is Knocking! Are you Ready?

December is here and we couldn’t be more excited!

Fashionistas are at the top of their game and style icons are heating it up with new looks every day during the party season. Don’t worry, we have some chic surprises waiting for you too.

party season

Here is a list of accessories you can pair your smashing party outfits with, this year end:

  1. Chunky Rings: The latest trends include wearing a chunky piece on your ring/middle finger and accompanying with another slim ring on the thumb. But if you aren’t the dual ring kinds, you can always stick to the classic one-ring-one-hand move which stands out anywhere and everywhere. To check out some of the latest collection, click here:
  2. Long Earrings: Most of the trending looks usually ditch the necklace and simply go for a gorgeous pair of long earrings to complete the outfit. This ensures you some bling to your look and not overdo it at the same time either. If your outfit is dominated by darker colors, feel free to play with diamonds to create a spectacular contrast! Check them out on:
  3. One Line Bracelets: Going on a date or a beautiful dinner place? Clink your wine glass and let the subtle diamond talk on your behalf. Pick out your choice of light bracelets to match perfectly with any western outfit you carry. Click here: to see the collection!
  4. Pearls: No matter what, Pearls will never ever fail to impress. Dinners, parties, official gatherings, slip into a pearl makeover and simply forget the rest. Earrings, pendants, rings – a pearl can rock pretty much anything – big or small. Don’t believe us? See for yourself on:
  5. Colour Stones: Are you the person who likes it a little bold? We’ve got the latest coloured stones paired with stylish designs right at your doorstep. Go ahead, match your beautiful attire with our trendiest! Check them out on:

Oh! Almost forgot – We have a 100% OFF on our making charges with an additional 20% OFF on diamond jewelry.

Can’t contain your excitement? We can’t either. Shop away on


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