Upcoming Summer Trends to Watch Out For!

All the fake bling and dainty hipster rings make us feel bougie, cultured, and artsy in a weird type of way for someone that has literally never left this country.And this year, the baubles are getting super-sized. 2018 jewellery trends are all about maximum drama from the neck-up, and celebs like Selena Gomez, Beyoncé, and Rihanna are totally nailing it.

Jewelebration blog pic


This past year saw the resurgence of thick, round ’80s-style hoops, but we’ll likely see the trend morph into something more eye-catching for the coming year. Think mismatched earrings in interesting abstract shapes.


Ornate pins were all over runways in 2017, meaning we’ll see lots of brooches on scarves, lapels and bags this year. Permission granted to break out granny’s antique gold and silver version.


Nope, this isn’t a #TBT to your high school days. Mark our words: In 2018, we’ll be donning delicate anklets (like a dainty gold chain with a single pearl) to flaunt some ankle in the warmer months. Or just wear that too-big bracelet on your leg…we won’t tell.


Calling all ’90s kids: The biggest trend in finger bling for 2018 is tiny pinky-sized rings that add a delicate touch to your hand. Our favourite version is the ever-popular signet, but anything small enough to fit your little finger will do.


We’ve seen the rise of extravagant earrings for a few seasons, and the trend’s not going away anytime soon. The bigger (and louder) the better for next year, with sequins, fur, mini beads, metal mesh and rhinestones being added to the mix in the coming months.


Chokers are sooo 2017, so for your new alternative, opt for a layered necklace. It features a short chain that should fit like a delicate choker, with two longer chains as an added bonus. You’ll find yourself collecting different styles covered in the most basic charms, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

So, get ready to let your statement jewellery do all the talking for Spring 2018! Slay in style with Jewelebration.


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