The Magic of Akshay Tritiya

Akshay Tritiya, also known as Akha Teej, (this year on 18th April), marks as one of the most propitious days in India.

akshay tritiya

It is a day of indubitable significance because of the various mythological stories associated to this day:

  1. It was the day, when the sixth reincarnation of Lord Vishnu was born.
  2. Lord Ganesha and Ved Vyas embarked the writing of the epic Mahabharata.
  3. The holy river Ganga descended from the Heaven to Earth on this day.
  4. Annapurna, the Goddess of food, a special form of Parvati who feeds the hungry was also born on this day. Once, Shiva disguised himself as a beggar and approached Annapurna for food. On the Akshaya Tritiya day, she fed Lord Shiva himself.
  5. AkshayaPatram: When the five Pandavasand their wife were in exile, a saint said, ‘I am going to have food with you.’ When the message came, they had no food. They had already eaten and had kept their pots away. Draupadi (the wife of the 5 Pandavas) prayed to Lord Krishna. At the same time, Lord Krishna came to their house and said, ‘Oh I am very hungry.’ He saw that there was only one grain of rice stuck to the pot. He picked that one grain of rice and ate it, and turned the pot into an AkshayaPatraAkshayaPatrameans that which never diminishes.When the saint came with 400 people, Draupadi could feed all of them from the same pot. The more she took from the pot, the more would come from it. It would never go down!


On this day, the Sun and the Moon are in the best positions to each other where the light reaches to the surface of earth. The belief is that on Akshaya Tritiya, whatever we get, will always grow!No wonder the jewellery stores, whether brick and mortar or online, see a huge number of buyers.
Given the constraints of time and the swarm of people scurrying at the stores during the festive season, people today, prefer to search for the latest jewellery designs online. This Akshaya Tritiya, visit Jewelebrationto buy a contemporary and authentic range of gold jewelry, diamond solitaries, engagement rings, gold pendants and more to further your step to an endless fortune.


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